4 Stretches to Try for Your Next Work Out

man stretching on outdoor track

Whether you’re going for a run in the neighborhood or doing some intense interval training at your local gym, stretching is always important for a workout. Stretching either before or after your body is active prevents pain in your muscles and tendons and avoids any cramps you may be prone to later. Stretching doesn’t have to take up too much time – we’ve got four stretches for you to try the next time you work out.

calf stretch

Calf Stretch

While standing, place your hands against a wall (or any fixed surface) and take one step back with one foot. Now either bend your front leg as much as you can or move your back leg back as far as you can. To really feel your calf stretching, curl your toes in and press your heel into the ground.

hamstring stretch

Hamstring Stretch

You can give your hamstrings a good stretch by either sitting down or standing up. While sitting, bend both legs in front of you and be sure to sit on the front edge of the seat. Extend one leg out as straight as you can, with your toes pointed up and heel against the floor and lean forward. While standing, stretch your leg out and place one heel forward, with your toes pointed up, and heel against the floor, keep and sit your hips back as if you’re sitting in a chair. 

chest stretch

Chest Stretch

This one is quite simple. Find a doorway or wall, place just your arm on it and bend your elbow to 90-degrees, making sure your elbow is at or just below your shoulder. Now take a step forward slightly and you’re going to feel a nice stretch across your entire chest and shoulder.

spine stretch

Spine Stretch

This stretch can be done either by kneeling on the floor or standing up. While kneeling, get on all fours against the ground and place one hand behind your head. Exhale and reach for the elbow of the arm that’s bent toward the opposite side, and then inhale as you bring that elbow up toward the sky. Don’t force your elbow to go too high! While standing, do this same motion, but instead stand with your hand on the back of a chair.

Stretching doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult! It is, however, something very important to incorporate into your daily activity. Hopefully, with the stretches we’ve laid out for you above, you can implement them into your workout routine and see a difference in your muscle movement and the way you feel after exercising. 

To your Balanced Health,

The Balanced Company