Best Gifts to Give to Your Host or Hostess

people sitting and standing around table holding gift

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… TO HOST! Holiday parties are happening every single day around us and the preparation they require is extensive and time-consuming. Your host or hostess has to make sure their home is clean, everything is decorated, and food arrangements have been made — which all require a lot of planning! Show your host or hostess your appreciation by giving them a thoughtful gift such as the ones below. 

jars with sugar and wooden spoon

Bake their fav treat.

If your host/hostess likes sweets, bake them something yummy and put it into a cute jar with a handwritten note. If you want to get fancy, you can decorate the jar yourself using ribbon or yarn to tie around it. Write down the recipe you used, in case they want to bake it themselves. You can even provide the ingredients for them in another jar, along with the recipe!

They can never have too many kitchen utensils.

Along with a cookbook, put together a few kitchen utensils and wrap them in a kitchen towel to gift them. Get a spatula, whisk, wooden spoon, cheese knives – you name it! Pick out a kitchen towel with a cute design or pattern on it and put your utensils inside and tie with a string or festive ribbon.

Wine, wine, wine.

There are a lot of wines to choose from so be sure to pick out a wine that your host or hostess would like. Pair the bottle of wine with a set of wine glasses and you have the perfect gift they can add to their bar.

cocktail set

Introduce them to mixology.

If your host/hostess prefers cocktails over wine, introduce them to mixology! Mixology is the art of mixing spirits. Similar to bartending, mixology uses innovative techniques to create unusual cocktails. If they don’t already have a bar setup, start with gifting your host or hostess a cocktail kit that includes a shaker, spoon, strainer, measuring cups, etc.

gift basket filled with bread, jam, wine and crackers

Create a gift tray with snacks and sweets.

A serving tray is a perfect gift for your host or hostess to have in their home, for future parties they host. Find a serving tray that you think they would like (preferably something that matches their home’s aesthetic) and use it as a base. Now, collect several items that make you think of them. These items can consist of snacks, candy, toiletries – just about anything that can fit onto the tray. 

In addition to these gift ideas, our Balanced Boxes make great gifts for your host or hostess! Filled with better-for-you snacks they’ll love, pantry essentials for their kitchen, or premium home decor items for their space, they’re the gift that keeps giving every month or season. Check out our monthly Balanced Snack Box for 🇨🇦 here and for 🇺🇸 here, Balanced Pantry Box for 🇨🇦 here and for 🇺🇸 here, and seasonal Balanced Home Box for 🇨🇦 here and for 🇺🇸 here to show your host/hostess how thankful you are for their efforts. To watch a helpful gift guide reel, click here.

Showing up with a gift to a holiday party not only shows your appreciation to the host/hostess but also makes it so that you feel like you’re contributing to the preparation as well. When choosing their gift, be sure to keep in mind their tastes and personality. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive but putting some extra thought into it goes a long way.

To your Balanced health,

The Balanced Company