College Dorm Decor Tips

As parents, many of us dread that time of year when our college students are leaving home to live on campus at their dorm. As much as we love having them home for summer, we have to be happy that they’re adapting to their own space without us too! Decor can help make a dorm unique to each roommate and let their personalities shine through. Below are a few ways to help decorate their university dorm that are sure to make your not-so-little one feel comfortable in their new space.

Laptop and pillows on bed

Make their bedding cute and comfy.

Even as adults out of college, we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like your own bed. Making their bed extra cozy by adding some cute throw blankets and decorative pillows will add a comfy touch to their room.

Potted plants and books on table

Plants will give their space a little bit of life. 

Small potted houseplants or fresh flowers in a cute vase (like the one we included in our Spring Balanced Home Box) – can help enhance the look and feel of your student’s dorm. It can also give them something to care for and keep up with.

Put up framed pictures of their friends and family to keep them close.

Pictures are a great way to decorate, while making their space more meaningful. Having framed pictures of friends, family, and pets on your student’s desk or nightstand will remind them that home isn’t that far away.

Desk with chair

Add shelves to the space for optimal storage.

Dorms are often small and crammed. Maximizing your student’s storage space is possible with the right items! Add shelves (using removable adhesive strips, of course) or a wall organizer to store their things and add decorative pieces.

Area rugs add an element of color.

Putting an area rug either under their desk or at the edge of their bed adds a vibrant touch of color to the space, while making it even more cozy! An area rug with a cute pattern or quote on it adds a hint of your student’s personality to the room.

Whether your young adult is starting their freshman year of university or going back to the same dorm with the same roommates, moving into their dorm room doesn’t have to be stressful. Using these tips to put together their space, whether it be on or off-campus, will help them be more comfortable in their own space.

To your Balanced health,

The Balanced Company