Fun Workouts to Try with a Partner

couple working out

Lots of us are trying to stick to our resolutions of staying healthy and active. It may be difficult to juggle maintaining these health goals and spending time with your loved ones, but exercising with them allows you to do both! In the midst of Valentine’s Day and February being the month of love and friendship, we’ve got some fun workouts to try with a partner. 

plank clap

Plank Claps

Get into a plank position where you’re both on all fours and facing the floor. Be sure to face each other and have roughly two feet between each partner’s hands. Then, each of you lift one hand off the ground and give each other a “high-five.” Repeat with your other hand and continue alternating this motion.

Hamstring Curls

Both partners kneel, one kneeling behind the other. The partner behind will place their hands on the partner in front’s ankles, providing support and acting as a weight that will counterbalance the partner in front. The partner in front will slowly fall towards the floor with their hands out front and catch themselves as they land. Then, they’ll push back up off the ground and repeat this motion.

partner sit ups

Sit-Up Fun

We already know how to do typical sit-ups, but you can make it much more fun with a partner! Assume your usual sit-up position, and have your partner kneel in front of you while facing you. Using a medicine ball of your choice, have your partner toss it to you as you come up. As you go to sit up again, toss the ball to your partner and repeat this motion. 


Get on all fours while facing the floor and have your partner stand behind you, facing in the same direction. Place your feet in your partner’s hands and remain in a plank position. Continue into doing pushups, as you normally would.

Fitting a workout into your day may seem overwhelming, but when you have a partner to join you, it makes all the difference! Incorporating these exercises into your day-to-day lifestyle gives you something to look forward to if it means you get to spend time with your loved one. Pushing each other (literally and figuratively) to meet your health goals while having fun is what love and friendship is all about.

To your Balanced health,

The Balanced Company