How to Build a Home Gym

Who says you need to work out at the gym? Nowadays, many active gymgoers are creating their own gyms in the comfort of their own home.  

If building a home gym is a project you plan to do, just note that it can be very expensive. So, if you’re going to spend money on quality equipment, it’s important to make sure you’re building efficiently and making the most of your space.

Here are some tips on how to build a home gym:

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

Start off by determining how much space you’re going to use inside your home and consider the flooring, safety dimensions and weather. From there, finalize a budget on how much you plan on spending for equipment and additional utilities like air conditioning. Since you’re building your gym, you should also cancel your commercial gym membership so you can use that money toward your budget for your home gym.

Woman dusting off chalk in garage gym

Start With the Basics

Whether you’re an active gymgoer or beginning your fitness journey, start with the basics:

  • Dumbbells – A good assortment of dumbbells would be ideal to have. It will activate several different muscles and stimulate muscle growth, which can help improve both muscle force and flexibility. If buying a set of dumbbells isn’t possible, resistance bands with various handles and attachments is an excellent alternative. Using household items such as heavy tins of food is also an option in a pinch.
  • Weight Bench – A weight bench provides a comfortably padded space to practice your weightlifting and other strength training. It can also help you maintain your form while doing your exercise which is beneficial to keeping proper posture.
  • Rubber Flooring and Mats – Since you’ll be working out at home, it’s important to add rubber flooring and mats as it is considered the best choice for a home gym floor application. It is very durable and will support the weight of heavy equipment such as exercise machines, treadmills and lifting cages.
  • Machine(s) – Adding machines to your home gym will depend on the size of your space and of course your budget. Think about which machine you used the most at the gym and use that as a guide for deciding which machine(s) to add at home.
Woman exercising with exercise ball and workout machine

Additional Items

Meanwhile, consider adding these items to your home gym too:

  • Exercise Ball – Having an exercise ball can be used to strengthen and stretch your body, improving core stability and balance.
  • Plyometric Box – Also known as a plyo box or a jump box, this can be used for multiple functions like box squats, step-ups, plyometrics, etc. Plyo boxes come in different shapes and sizes, but most are a simple rectangle box shape made from durable and high-strength materials.
  • Décor & comfort items – Mirrors and adding banners can add a lot of personality to your gym space. Also consider adding lighting, portable fans and a speaker. And don’t forget cleaning supplies, tools and maintenance materials needed for your equipment.
  • Insurance – If you’re going to invest in a home gym, you may want to look at getting additional protection. Insuring your items through your homeowners’ insurance may be worth considering.

The list can go on when it comes to building a home gym as every person’s workout needs are unique. Just keep taking the next step in your fitness journey to a more balanced life.

Good luck and have a great workout!   

To your Balanced health,

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