The Best Quick, Hearty Lunches

We all know the feeling of scrambling every morning to pack something for lunch, so we tend to grab whatever is quick and easy. Then when lunchtime approaches, after we’ve eaten everything we packed, we often find ourselves still hungry and unsatisfied. To avoid that from happening, we’re sharing some quick and hearty lunch ideas that are easy to make and bound to fill you up!

Niçoise Salad

Ever heard of a niçoise salad? The French “niçoise” salad is famous for being full of several sources of protein to satisfy anyone’s hunger. Pair your favorite vegetables with a few different kinds of protein and salad dressing, and you’re good to go! Your choice of proteins could range from chicken, tofu, fish, boiled eggs, beans, and chickpeas – you name it! The possibilities are endless.

Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves a classic grilled cheese sandwich, no matter their age. Warm bread and melty cheese, what’s not to love?! Whether you’re using cheddar and white bread, choosing a more gourmet route or even using a vegan cashew cheese, this meal is guaranteed to fill you up and make you happy. Did you know there are some fun variations of grilled cheese that you can try? Try adding broccoli for a broccoli cheddar twist, or adding ham to swiss cheese and mustard for a kick of flavor.

Chicken or Tuna Salad

One of the easiest things to whip up if you’re in a pinch is a chicken or tuna salad. Pro-tip: use canned chicken or tuna to make this process much faster – we love Safe Catch’s Wild Ahi Yellowfin Tuna in Avocado Oil, found in our Balanced Boxes. Mix with plain greek yogurt (a healthier substitute for mayonnaise) and diced vegetables of your choice, and serve it either on a sandwich or eat it with chips or crackers. For the best tuna sandwich recipe, click here.

Mediterranean-style Pita Sandwiches

If you have any type of flatbread, pita, or sandwich pockets on hand, try making a Mediterranean-style sandwich. Fill your bread with anything you want! You can use protein, veggies (pickled veggies are a bonus!), feta, your fav hummus, tzatziki and vinaigrette. These sandwiches not only pack great flavor, but are very filling and you can switch them up every day!

Taco Salad

Since we’re already on a salad kick, we recommend you try making a taco salad for lunch. Using ground meat of your choice, add a packet of taco seasoning and cook. Put this on top of your greens, and add cheese, corn, beans, and salsa to create a yummy meal that is sure to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Adding a scoop of guacamole can also increase the healthy fats in this meal and help keep your hunger at bay through the afternoon! Eat this by itself or eat it with tortilla chips.

If you’re anything like us, lunchtime is a time of day you look forward to. Everyone should have a hearty, delicious meal because it keeps us energized for the rest of the day. Making a hearty meal doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming and it can even be fun to try new things! We hope you give these lunch ideas a try.

To your Balanced Health,

The Balanced Company