The Viral Honey and Onion Cough Syrup: Nature’s Soothing Elixir

As the seasons change, the sniffles and coughs often make an unwelcome appearance. If you’re seeking a natural remedy to combat a nagging cough, you’ve likely heard of the viral honey and onion cough syrup. This age-old recipe has been passed down through generations for its incredible soothing properties. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps of making this effective and time-tested home remedy.

Important Note: While honey and onion cough syrup is a popular home remedy, it should not replace professional medical advice and treatment. Always consult a healthcare provider if you have a severe or persistent cough or underlying health conditions. Never feed honey to children under 1 year of age.


1 medium-sized red onion

Raw unfiltered honey

A glass jar with a lid


  1. Select Your Onion: Choose a fresh, medium-sized onion. While any onion variety will work, many prefer red onions for their slightly sweeter flavor.
  2. Prepare the Onion: Peel and slice the onion into thin rings or small pieces. The finer you chop the onion, the more effective the syrup will be at extracting its juices.
  3. Layer the Onion and Honey: Place a layer of sliced onions at the bottom of a clean glass jar. Add enough raw honey to cover the layer of onions. Raw, unfiltered honey is preferable because it retains its natural enzymes and antioxidants.
  4. Repeat the Layers: Continue layering onions and honey until the jar is filled. Make sure the onions are fully submerged in honey. The natural juices from the onion will mix with the honey over time.
  5. Seal and Rest: Seal the jar with a tight-fitting lid and let it sit at room temperature for at least 12 hours, up to 24 hours. During this time, the honey will pull out the onion’s juices, creating a powerful cough syrup.
  6. Strain and Store: After the resting period, strain the syrup through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth into another clean container. This will remove the onion pieces, leaving you with a smooth syrup.
  7. Usage: Take one to two teaspoons of the honey and onion cough syrup as needed to soothe your cough. You can consume it straight or mix it with warm water or herbal tea for added relief. You can even use it in salad dressings!
  8. Storage: Store the syrup in a cool, dark place or the refrigerator. It can typically be kept for several months in the fridge.

This honey and onion cough syrup is a simple yet effective home remedy for soothing coughs and sore throats. Its natural ingredients, honey and onion, work together to provide relief and comfort during the cold and flu season. Remember that while this syrup can be a helpful addition to your self-care routine, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment, especially for severe or persistent coughs.

With its ease of preparation and minimal ingredients, this homemade cough syrup is a valuable tool in your arsenal against seasonal discomforts. Give it a try the next time you’re feeling under the weather and experience the soothing power of nature’s elixir.

To your Balanced health,

The Balanced Company