Easy Tips for a Cozier Home

Home is where the heart is. But is your heart (and the season) telling you to update your home for a cozier vibe? Good news, it’s easier than you think and totally possible with a few simple tips that we’re sharing below!

Throw Pillows and Blankets  

Find some soft throw pillows (or pillow covers) and blankets that coordinate with your living area, bedroom or guestroom. There are so many options available, including faux fur, woven, fringe, patterned, cable knit – the list could go on!  By adding a couple  textured throw pillows (or changing the covers on your current cushions) and a throw blanket to your space, you can make any room in the house  look and feel cozier while also giving it a decorative touch.


The best way to increase the cozy factor in your bedroom is to swap your old bedding for a plush, new duvet with a soft and comfy duvet cover. As the seasons change and the weather gets cooler, transitioning to a heavier duvet will keep you warm and comfortable at night. Duvets are also easy to maintain and more breathable than synthetic materials, which is a plus. And if you want extra coziness, then spending a bit more on expensive sheets will do the trick! 


Natural lighting in your home is the way to go so tie back your curtains or pull up your blinds and let the natural light in all day long. When the sun starts to set and it’s time to turn on the lights, opt for warm white or soft white lights rather than bright white and cool fluorescent tube light bulbs. LED bulbs are great because they’re energy efficient, which means less heat, more light and lower costs. If you plan on hosting an intimate gathering with friends or family, dimmed lighting, candles or string lights will create a cozier atmosphere. 


We love seeing personal touches throughout a home, and one of the best ways to do this is by displaying some of your favorite photos and memories on the wall or on your console table. Make sure family, friends and guests can see all of the special people and moments in your life. 

Making these small changes to your home can go a long way and give you the warm, cozy vibe you’re looking for this fall! And if you want an even simpler solution to level-up your home this season, then order our carefully curated Balanced Home Box, filled with 6 to 8 luxury home décor items that will refresh your space  and make your home feel  cozy and on trend. 

To your Balanced health,
Your friends at The Balanced Company