Essential Items to Perfect Your Nighttime Routine

After a long day of running errands, working, and coming home to your family and their needs, going to bed is what many of us look forward to. Relaxing and recharging to do it all over the next day is super important and having the perfect nighttime routine brings that to another level. We all have some form of a routine before hitting the sheets, and we’re here to share a few of tips we think are essential to perfect your nighttime routine.

Check out our fav nighttime routine here.

Skincare is #1.

As we go about our days, the pollution and bacteria in the air clogs our pores, and it is extremely important to cleanse your skin of all of that before going to bed. In order to perfect your P.M. skincare routine, you need a good cleanser and moisturizer. Twice a week, we recommend using either a sponge or cloth to apply your cleanser, to help provide the exfoliation your skin needs. We personally love the konjac sponge found in the past Summer Balanced Lifestyle Box.

Don’t forget about dental hygiene!

Possibly even more important than our skin, hair and scalp, is our dental hygiene. Making sure our oral health is in good shape before we go to sleep is key to maintaining good oral health and avoiding dental illnesses. Brushing and flossing your teeth properly ensures that your breath smells nice and your teeth stay clean!

Your hair and scalp need love, too.

We find that nighttime is the perfect time to apply any hair treatments, masks, and conditioners because your hair has over 8 hours to absorb the nutrients. We also can’t forget about our scalps! Our scalp’s health is just as important – if not MORE – than our hair’s. Having a healthy scalp is what allows our hair follicles to grow strong and shiny, and is critical to maintaining those luscious locks. We love using a gua sha comb (like the one featured in a past Balanced Lifestyle Box for Women) to apply our hair and scalp treatments and really get in there, while giving the scalp a nice massage.

Set yourself up to sleep like a baby.

Don’t you wish you could lay in bed, close your eyes, and fall into a deep sleep the minute your head touches a pillow?! We know we do. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always come easy for everyone, especially if you’re under lots of stress or are experiencing anxiety over a particular area in your life. Try putting your phone on silent, getting blackout curtains, and even try a dab or two with a roll-on lavender essential oil to set the mood for a long and quiet night.

Maintaining a proper nighttime routine can be challenging for those who don’t currently have one in place, but it can benefit you greatly and can help keep everyone on track before bed. Having these essential items as a part of that routine will give you a more positive experience before going to sleep and is sure to improve your overall sleep.

To your Balanced Health,

The Balanced Company