Exercises You Can Do in the Water

The weather seems to be getting hotter and hotter each day, which means it’s the perfect time to get a workout in while spending time in the water! Whether you’re visiting the nearest public pool or local beach, or you’re taking advantage of your own backyard pool, here are a few exercises you can do in the water that will help you achieve a full-body workout while having fun in the sun!

Woman standing in pool overlooking landscape

Walking in the Water

As simple as it sounds, walking in water takes more effort than walking on land. It helps your body build resistance and burns some extra calories! Get warmed up for your water workout by walking a few laps around the pool or in the shallow part of a lake or ocean for roughly five to ten minutes. Feel free to enhance this exercise by standing on your tippy-toes and standing as tall as you can while walking.

Jumping Jacks

Similar to walking, doing jumping jacks in water builds resistance and not only works your upper and lower body, but also your core. For this exercise, simply stand in the water at chest-level, put your arms to your side and your feet together and jump while extending your arms above your head and your legs outward. Then jump back into the initial position. Repeat that motion ten times, take a one-minute break, and do it all again for a total of three times. 

Woman doing arm lifts

Arm Lifts

Want a quick exercise to do in the water that works your upper body? Try arm lifts! For this exercise, you will need foam dumbbells of your preferred weight. If you don’t have foam dumbbells, you can use regular ones! Stand up straight with water up to your shoulders and put your arms to your side while holding the dumbbells. Raise your arms up until they’re level with your shoulders and lower them back down to your side. Repeat this motion ten times, taking minute-long breaks in between and doing it all over again – twice.

Dedicating even just fifteen minutes a day to getting active can help improve your health! It’s easier to stay motivated and consistent when you work a few quick exercises into your day-to-day activities, and you can even get your family and friends involved!

To your Balanced health,

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