Pastel Rainbow Nails

Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to choose the right nail colour at the nail salon? Well, why choose one shade when you can wear them all?

Pastel rainbow nails are fun and playful for anyone, especially those who really can’t decide on what colour to choose. Try out these types of pastel rainbow nail designs below!

Nail colour wheel at nail salons

Classic Pastel Rainbow Nails

If choosing a nail art design for your pastel rainbow nails is a harder decision to make, then opt-in for the most classic and easiest take on pastel rainbow nails. This can even be done at home, so all you’d have to do is paint each nail a different shade. It can’t get any simpler than that!   

Mixed Pastel Rainbow French Nails 

A regular French manicure has white polish across the tip of the nail which contrasts with clear or pale polish below. Try mixing it up with by doing a mixed French rainbow – each tip is a different pastel shade as well as the rest of the nail. What’s unique is that every single finger will be fun and different! It’s even perfect for the most indecisive person.

Pastel Rainbow Stripe Nails

Try applying pastel rainbow stripes onto your nails vertically! If that seems to be too much for your preference, sometimes two pastel colours are just as impactful than a whole rainbow, especially if you pair it with a cool negative-space stripe situation.

Pastel rainbow nails

Pastel Rainbow Tips

Similar to a French manicure, having a pastel rainbow tip nail design involves you painting actual rainbows on the tip of your nails with pastel colours.

Pastel Rainbow Flowers

Instead of painting your nails with a solid pastel rainbow design, why not have pastel rainbow flowers? It doesn’t get more cute than a pastel rainbow of floral tips. This would even be an easy DIY as well if you’re unable to get an appointment at the nail salon.  

Make your nail design your own! You can be as quirky or as subtle as you like. The pastel rainbow nail trend is evolving and incredibly fun to wear, so choose your favourite shades soon!

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