With the weather getting cooler, we’ve found ourselves contemplating what type of jacket best suits the rest of our outfit. Thankfully, the latest fall “shacket” trend is here and allows us to still look fashionable, while staying warm and comfortable. 

If you don’t know what a shacket is yet, you’re about to learn today! A shacket (also known as a shirt jacket) is a blend of a classic button-down shirt and a jacket, and it’s perfect for when we need a light layer to keep ourselves cozy. Check out some of our favorite styles of shackets below.   

Flannel Shacket

Anything flannel is a testament to fall fashion, so a flannel shacket is at the top of the list! You can stick with the classic red and black “lumberjack” color combo look or switch it up and try other color combos like pink and grey, or beige and white. With so many options, you can definitely find a flannel shacket to match all of your fall outfits! 

Woman with blonde hair wearing black denim shacket

Denim Shacket

Just like your regular denim jacket, there are many types of denim shackets to boost your style. You can take the traditional denim jacket and make it an oversized shacket or try a straight-fitting and distressed denim shacket to dress up or down this season. Don’t forget you have color options too, such as a classic navy blue, light-wash blue, black, or white, or you can make a statement with a pop of color! 

Woman with pink hair wearing shearling shacket

Shearling Shacket 

Feel extra warm and cozy this fall with a shearling shacket. This type of shacket is crafted to have a boxier and more oversized look, making it perfect to pair with knit sweaters to keep you bundled up. Finish your look with a pair of jeans and flats if it’s still warm enough, then swap to boots once the temperature begins to drop. 

Woman holding phone while wearing leather shacket

Faux Leather Shacket

If you’re looking for an edgier and versatile look, then a faux leather shacket is the perfect option for you! A fitted style or a boxy fit are the best options to pair with your faux leather pants. For a more refined look, you can wear your faux leather shacket over a turtleneck and a pencil skirt combo with tights and heeled ankle boots.

Pink-haired woman wearing yellow corduroy shacket

Corduroy Shacket 

Lastly, we couldn’t forget a corduroy shacket! You can be more playful with this type of shacket in terms of fit and color because it’s so casual. Wear your corduroy shacket over a graphic t-shirt and a pair of jeans on a cool fall day – it’s as simple as that! 

If any of our favorite shackets have inspired you to try out this trend, it’s time to decide which one (or more!) best suits your personality and style. Don’t forget to take a look in your closet first and layer, layer, layer. Which shacket style is your fave?

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