Spring Outdoor Family Fun

After a long winter, people everywhere are rejoicing because Spring Is Here!!! It seems like we’ve been surrounded by cold air, snow and ice for ages. But the warmer weather is finally here, so it’s time to get outdoors with your family and breathe in the fresh, spring air! Too excited to figure out what to do first? Check out our list below and try them all!

Girl drawing with sidewalk chalk

Front Yard Fun
Want to have fun outside with the kids but don’t have time to go too far from home? It’s time to break out the springtime favorites from your garage! Join the kids hula hooping, and jump roping, then go wild with the sidewalk chalk and bubbles.  

Spring Picnic
While this will take a bit more planning, there is nothing quite like a spring picnic. Pack a blanket or two (waterproof is always a good idea), as well as your family’s favorite picnic food and drinks (for us that’s lemonade, sandwiches, veggie sticks and brownies), and head to a nearby park. Food always tastes better outdoors! And it’s the perfect place for our field activities (see below)…

Field Fun!
Head to a park with a big field and spend the day outside! Start by flying a kite, then throw a frisbee around (practice makes perfect). Then grab your glove and ball and play catch! To end the day, gather the family on a picnic blanket and look up at the clouds for shapes and animals – see who can spot the most!

Birds of a Feather…
Each Spring marks the return of birds from their migration south and it also means the hatching of baby birds. What does this mean for us? Lots of birds to watch and feed! Start by helping the kids make an easy bird feeder (simply spread peanut or nut butter on a pinecone) and hang it on a tree in your yard. Then keep an eye out for the birds that visit! You can also bird watch while you’re out exploring the neighborhood.

Explore the Neighborhood
It feels like as soon as the weather is nice, we want to explore the neighborhood again. There are so many ways to do this; choose from a leisurely walk, a bike ride, roller blading, scootering or any combination of the above! Let everyone pick their own means of transportation and enjoy the neighborhood together – don’t forget to wear the appropriate safety gear!

Parents teaching child how to ride a bicycle

Earth Day Neighborhood Clean Up
April 22nd is Earth Day and now more than ever, we need to help our planet. An easy way to do this as a family, is by participating in a Neighborhood Clean Up. Gather the family (armed with garbage bags and wearing protective gloves) and head out for a walk around the block, picking up trash as you go. See if you can also get your neighbors involved – the more help the better! Even though Earth Day is only once a year, that doesn’t mean you have to limit your neighborhood clean ups.

We hope you’ll try some of these activities! In our opinion, there is nothing better than spending time outdoors with our families, especially in the Spring.

To your Balanced health,
Your friends at The Balanced Company