Summer Hacks You’ll Love

We find ourselves cooking, cleaning, and hosting more in the summer, as children are home from school and friends and family are visiting more often. But try not to become overwhelmed by the constant demands of entertaining guests and keeping up with your regular routine. Instead, find ways to help your workload by trying these summer hacks below.

Fruit tray

Ice Tray Hack

Since summer is the time for hosting outdoor parties, this ice tray hack can help save you time (and money!) and help prolong the life of your food. Instead of buying ice packs or bags of ice and expensive coolers to keep your food and drinks cold, all you need are a few aluminum trays, tap water and a freezer large enough to lay the trays perfectly flat. Fill the aluminum trays with water ⅓ of the way through and freeze overnight. The next morning, place your tray of cold goods on top of the ice tray and enjoy!

Woman cutting watermelon outside

Watermelon Cutting Hack

Watermelon is a go-to summer snack, and this next hack will help make the cut-up and clean-up process a little quicker! First, cut the watermelon in half and lay the flat side down on your cutting surface. Then, cut horizontal “stripes” from left to right, leaving one-inch spaces between them. Rotate the watermelon 90 degrees, keeping everything in place, and cut more horizontal “stripes” so that they’re perpendicular to the previous cuts and the watermelon appears “checkered.” This method of cutting watermelon is different from your average wedged slices and makes for less mess!

Ball pit balls in pool

Ball Pit Pool

Looking for an activity to keep the kids occupied while you get work done (or when you need a moment to yourself)? Try filling an inflatable or plastic pool with colorful ball pit balls instead of water! This is sure to keep the children entertained for quite some time, all while burning energy, and you don’t have to worry about water safety. If you really want to take it to the next level, try hiding toys or objects in with the balls and make it a scavenger hunt. 

Child foot in sand

Remove Sand from Skin

A fun day at the beach often ends with a not-so-ideal souvenir – SAND EVERYWHERE!! No matter how hard you try to leave the sand at the beach, there always seems to be those stubborn spots where you just can’t get rid of it. As a result, the sand transfers to clothes, towels, and even our cars! But we have some great news for you – baby powder does the trick! It turns out, applying baby powder to those areas where sand is stuck will help get rid of any residual sand effortlessly.

We LOVE summertime, but just think about how much more fun we could be having if we made our lives a little easier with some simple hacks! Try out our summertime hacks and be sure to pass them along to family and friends to help make their lives easier this summer, too!

To your Balanced health,

Your friends at The Balanced Company