Summer Outdoor Fitness Activities

Summer calls for more time outdoors spending your days having summer cocktails on the patio, relaxing on the beach and late-night barbecues. Since we’ll be out and about more this summer, take advantage of the warm weather and get active outside! 

There’s plenty of great fitness activities that’ll help balance your healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your summer. Check out some summer outdoor fitness ideas below.

Three women outdoors doing yoga poses

Grab your headphones and do some cardio outside! In the summer, running outside is so much different compared to running on a treadmill. Put on your outdoor running shoes, take in the fresh air, start running and appreciate the beauty around you. 

Hit the hiking trails closest to you and explore the scenic route. You’ll take yourself to new heights (literally!), build muscle and clear your head while inviting in fresher air! It’s good to wear the most comfortable shoes as some trails can be harder than others.   

Bike Riding 
Taking your bike out for a spin is one of the best ways to stay active outdoors. Whether you’re biking in your neighbourhood or riding through a bike path, day or night, you’ll definitely feel the burn and enjoy the breeze on your face. Don’t forget your water bottle and helmet before you hit the pavement and make sure to use hand signals! 

If you’re already practising yoga inside your home, then it’s a great time to take it outdoors! It’ll challenge your body and ease your mind with nature’s finest surroundings as your environment. Change up your routine by ditching your mat and doing your yoga on the grass. Inhale and exhale and let the benefits of yoga soak into your body.

Go for a dip in the pool and swim laps! Swimming is a great way to challenge yourself with an all-over workout and cool down. It’ll keep your heart rate up, build endurance and strengthen your body.  

Girl swimming laps in pool

We hope we provided some motivation as these are just a few of the outdoor fitness activities you can do this summer. Get outside and get active today; it’ll provide a healthier you tomorrow! 

To your Balanced health,
Your friends at The Balanced Company