Ten Home Organization Hacks

Bright and clean kitchen.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which is why it’s so nice to come home to a clean and tidy house where you can relax and unwind. 

But if you don’t feel at peace in your space, because it’s filled with clutter and chaos, we’ve got ten home organization hacks to help you take control of your surroundings and bring a sense of calm to your environment (and your life).

Pile of clothing in a box labelled "DONATION"

1. Keep a donation box, bin, bag or basket in each closet so you can toss in clothes as needed. By creating a dedicated space where you can discard unwanted items, you’ll be far more inclined to get rid of clothing that no longer serves you, rather than hanging those pieces back up again and letting them sit in your closet for many more months.

2. Regain some closet space by doubling up hangers! You can simply hang one hanger on another or make use of the tabs from used aluminum drink cans like this. We suggest pairing together pieces of clothing that you can wear interchangeably or pieces that go well together. For example, you can hang a couple white blouses together and choose one or the other when getting ready for the day. Or if you really want to simplify your morning routine, hang complete outfits together so that when you pull out one hanger, you’ve got your go-to blouse or camisole, your favorite blazer or cardigan and a pair of pants all ready to go.

Man looking into opened drawer filled with neatly file-folded clothing.

3. Marie Kondo your drawers by file folding items of clothing and storing them vertically. Not only does this save space so that you can fit more into each drawer, but it allows you to see everything at a glance when you open it. Take this effective hack to the next level by color coding your clothing to give your drawers an even more cohesive look and to make getting ready in the morning even easier.

4. Store bed sheets in pillowcases to keep matching sets together! Not only will this save you from having to scour your linen closet for all the right bedding when it comes time to change the sheets, but it will also help keep your closet looking neat and tidy.

Woman looking into neatly organized drawer.

5. Compartmentalize drawers using individual containers, mini bins and dividers to keep things organized in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office. You may think that if it’s in a closed drawer, it’s out of sight and out of mind. But when you go to open that drawer and you have to sift through all of the contents to finally get to the thing you’re looking for, you’ll realize that keeping drawers organized is just as important as keeping those easy-to-see spaces in proper order. Grouping similar items together in one specific spot and giving them a “home” will make finding and putting away items so much more enjoyable.

6. Add a lazy Susan to your refrigerator, cupboards and pantry for easy access to condiments, spices and other kitchen staples. That’s right! This revolving tray isn’t just useful on the dining room table during mealtime, but it also simplifies the search for the products you need during meal prep.

Pantry staples stacked on shelves in clear, labelled containers.

7. Another hack for the kitchen (because doesn’t it feel like we live in there 24/7?!) is to organize the food in your fridge, cupboards and pantry using clear bins and containers so you can see exactly what you have and how much is left before you need to re-stock. If you’re feeling really ambitious, take it one step further by labeling each container and displaying them in alphabetical order.

8. Take advantage of shelf risers to double up on storage space in your fridge, cupboards, pantry and closets throughout the house. By displaying items at different levels, you’re not only making use of dead space, but you’ll be able to see and reach everything much easier than if it were buried all the way at the back or underneath a pile of other things.

Over-the-door hanging organizer with see-through pockets holding cleaning supplies.

9. Those over-the-door hanging organizers with see-through pockets aren’t just meant for shoes! The space-saving storage solution can be used to keep literally anything and everything around your house organized and easily accessible. Use it to store kitchen staples, utensils and dishcloths behind your pantry door. Keep your fashion scarves, winter hats and gloves and sunglasses tucked away in your front hall closet for quick access when you’re running out the door. Clear off the countertop in your bathroom by placing all of your hair tools, products and accessories in an organizer behind the door. And keep your cleaning supplies up off the floor and out of reach from your littles (but in plain sight for your teens 😏).

Couch with three pillow cushions sitting behind round table holding candle and vase.

10. Avoid clutter with some décor! This hack has got to be our favorite because it involves placing pretty items on tables, shelves and countertops so that there’s less space for a pile-up. What’s not to love about that?! It’s as simple as ordering a Balanced Home Box, and we’ll send you beautiful décor items to put on display so that there’s no room for unnecessary “stuff” to hang around for days on end. 

There you have it! Ten helpful home organization hacks we hope will transform your space (and your life). By implementing these organizational solutions today, and maintaining them on a daily basis, we hope that you’ll be able to declutter and feel more at ease in your home, now and for forever. 

To your Balanced Health,

Your friends at The Balanced Company