Top 6 Tips To Personalize Your At-Home Workspace

If your job has you working remotely, it’s important to design an at-home workspace that you’re comfortable in. Separating your office space from the rest of your home and curating it with items you love can help set you up for maximum productivity. Keep reading for our top six ways to personalize your at-home workspace!

Propagation vase filled with water and a plant clipping.

Add some greenery to give your space a little bit of life. 

Bring the outdoors in by adding natural elements to your office! A bouquet of fresh flowers, an oversized potted houseplant, a clipping from your favorite plant displayed in a propagation vase (like the one we included in our Spring Balanced Home Box) – any of these can help enhance the look and feel of your environment.

Lemon sage reed diffuser styled in front of home décor.

Fill your surroundings with a specific scent you love. 

While candles offer a beautiful fragrance, you may not want to have them burning all day long. Instead, you can freshen up your workspace with a low-maintenance, long-lasting alternative like the Lemon Sage reed diffuser from our Spring Balanced Home Box.

Wooden décor riser with candle on top.

Feature special pieces of décor on your desk.

Use a riser (like the solid wood stand from our Summer Balanced Home Box) to highlight certain pieces of décor in your office, lifting them up off the table and away from your devices and work supplies.

Throw blanket inside of woven basket.

Make your space cozy.

Cozy up your workspace by putting some throw blankets inside of a woven basket next to your desk. Not only will this come in handy if you get cold, but it’s a nice way to add some home décor to your office! 

Plush pillows with white pillow covers.

Get comfortable.

If you’re sitting all day, it may help to have some plush pillows within reach so that you can prop them behind your back and get comfortable! You can even change things up on a regular basis by switching out the cushion covers for ones with different patterns and designs. The gorgeous white pillow covers from our Winter Balanced Home Box are perfect for a soft, clean, neutral look.

Balanced Snack Box on table with plant, journal and laptop.

Keep your favorite healthy snacks nearby.

Snacks are necessary for when you get a craving before or after lunch! Keep a bowl of fresh fruits or a jar of mixed nuts on your desk and a stash of better-for-you snacks from the Balanced Snack Box in your drawer for easy access.  

Having a workspace that is personalized to you and your interests can help bring you more happiness at work, which can ultimately boost your motivation and increase your productivity. Who doesn’t want that?!

If you’re looking to spruce up your workspace, or any other room in your home, order the Balanced Home Box and we’ll send you a jam-packed box of luxury décor each season. And for new sweet and savory snacks each month, check out the Balanced Snack Box, which is perfect for storing nearby and snacking on throughout the day!

To your Balanced health,

Your friends at The Balanced Company