Top Home Trends for Spring

spring home decor

Spring is the time of the year to refresh your home with cleaning and decor! Home decor trends are ever changing, and it seems like every month there’s a new design becoming popular. Although it may be challenging to keep up with, you can always switch out things you currently have in your home or repurpose items you already own. Either way, we’re letting you know which trends are hot this spring.

spring home decor

Natural Elements and Wood

This season is all about incorporating elements from nature that have a warm, neutral tones and different textures. Earth tones are said to bring a more cozy, inviting element to a room and make it appear more open and spacious. Try adding decor to your home in green, brown and beige shades to add that natural feel. We personally love past wooden items featured in our Balanced Home Box (for 🇨🇦 click here and for 🇺🇸 click here).

Irregular Shapes and Asymmetrical Components

Something about curved, asymmetrical pieces really takes us back to the art deco vibe of the 70’s. We’re seeing more contemporary-shaped home decor items such as mirrors, coffee tables, sofas, vases, etc. Plain, linear designs on their own are growing more outdated due to the fact that they blend in with each other and don’t allow creative styles to shine. Now’s the time to bring a more whimsical feel into your home.

patterns and prints

Patterns and Prints

Going along with the theme of including different textures in your home, we are also seeing patterns and prints become more popular. Mixing all kinds of textures with patterns and prints of different kinds add dimension to a room and give it its own unique spin. You can let your imagination run free with this trend and even add elements of your personal style to your home.

Repurposing Old Pieces

As we see in other aspects of our culture today, old trends are coming back. The elements of fashion and home decor that were all the rave in the 19th century are coming back to life and cooler than ever. With this being the case, making use of pieces you already own and repurposing them is ideal and on-trend! Purchase some paint in the above-mentioned earth tones and paint that dresser that you’ve been wanting to get rid of – it’ll look like new.

Trends for this year’s spring season aren’t too extravagant and really emphasize a calm, neutral environment for your space. These trends seem to focus on working with what you’ve already got and adding a more natural look to your home, without spending too much on new elements. We love the idea of personalizing your space and making it adhere to your own style!

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