Ways to Bring Fall into Your Home

It’s that time of the year again! The climate is cooling down, leaves are changing color, and we’re seeing pumpkins and squashes at the grocery store. What better way to celebrate fall than to bring it into your home? We have a few simple ways to add fall vibes to the home decor you already have.

Switch up your throw cushions.

One easy way to spice up your home is to add festive throw cushions. If you already have throw cushions, you could even find some throw cushion covers to put over them temporarily, until the season is over. If you don’t already have throw cushions, you can always find some with cute fall colors and patterns on them to spruce up your space and bring those cozy fall colors indoors. 

Place pumpkins on your porch.

Pumpkins are in season and there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. Go to your local pumpkin patch if you want to make an experience of it, or just visit your local grocery store or farmers market and pick out as many pumpkins as your heart desires. You can even make it an activity with your family and have everyone carve or paint a pumpkin to showcase outside!

Set your table with a fall-esque tablescape.

Another way to add fall décor to your home without making any drastic changes is to create a tablescape that includes a festive table runner, a fall-ish centerpiece, and any additional decorations you would like to add like a few cozy candles. You can either purchase a table runner and centerpiece or make your own with different fabrics and pieces of hardware. Bonus tip: adding miniature pumpkins and squashes to the tablescape elevates the whole look!

Decorate with apples.

Not only are they in season, but they also provide a nice pop of color. Again, you can make an experience out of it by planning a trip to a nearby apple orchard and picking them yourself! Place them on your counters, or fireplace mantel, or even add them to your tablescape. The best part is, you always have a snack laying around for when you get hungry 😉

Create your own fall wreath.

Another way to make use of your décor from past seasons is to repurpose it! For example, take your wreath from the holidays and remove the hardware (store it for the next holiday, of course!) and add new decorations that fit the present season. Take different colored leaves and flowers and hot glue them onto the wreath for an elevated fall look.

If you want to take it a step further and bring fall to the OUTSIDE of your home as well, please watch this reel on how to decorate your porch for fall–find it here.

See–decorating for fall doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! You can often use things you already have in your home from past seasons and upcycle them. This not only saves you money, but you can also get your family in on the fun and make a DIY project out of it all. We hope you enjoyed these simple tips on how to bring ALL the fall vibes into your home this year.

To your Balanced Health,

The Balanced Company