Dance to Enhance Your Mood (and Physical Health!)

Did you know that dancing can improve your mood and your physical health?

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, brushing your teeth early morning, and thought, “Where do I get my energy to get through the day?” If so, all you need to do is put on some good tunes and start dancing. Let the beat wash over you, making your muscles move, pumping blood through your veins, releasing those endorphins!

women dancing outdoors

By dancing, you will:

Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
Studies have shown that regular dance activity can lower the feeling of sadness and can fight stress. Try mindful dancing. The secret is to bring your attention to your body movements and the sounds of music. This way you allow your feelings and emotions to be released instead of bottling them up inside.

Connect with yourself
No one can see you. There is no one to judge you. You can be yourself. Simply allow yourself to move freely and enjoy being you.

Connect with your friends and family
You can dance on your own or with your family, kids or your partner. Share this positive energy and create a magical bond through this shared activity between you and your loved ones.

Increase your productivity
Give yourself a little dance break during lunch at work and it can boost your performance in the afternoon. You will likely notice improvements in your time management skills, creativity, and your ability to solve problems.

Get physically active
Dancing is lots of fun! You will get a good cardio workout without even noticing it. Your body will thank you!

woman dancing with headphones on

So, put some music on and start grooving!

To your Balanced health,
Your friends at The Balanced Company